Welcome to Sieger National Short Film Festival

National festival of screenings, events and awards for short film makers from India, held in the city of Chennai. We are looking for filmmakers who are driving short film forward through inspirational and innovative works.

This festival is dedicated to Indian short films in all genres with a running time of up to 20 minutes are accepted. We’re keen to showcase what you as new filmmakers across India are doing whether it’s your first film or you’re on your way to becoming established.

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Sieger Events, a leading Event Management Company conducting a National Short Film Festival, scheduled to be held on Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 in Chennai.

Invites participation from aspiring and upcoming independent filmmakers, submission is open ONLY to residents of India under Professional Category, Women Category, Student Category. The main objective is to provide an opportunity for independent filmmakers to have their best work selected and showcased in a celebration of cinema, as well as to give them a platform to network amongst fellow professionals and industry experts.

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